snider's professional painting interior high quality paint company sarasota flWhy should you choose Snider’s Painting for professional interior and exterior painting services? Whether you just need a fresh coat of paint or you need to paint your house, Snider’s Painting can make the job a lot easier and faster. When you choose to complete painting projects yourself without painting contractors, it’s easy to forget something important, skip steps, cut corners, and have a poor end result.

A professional interior painting company does more than just apply paint to walls. They can mix colors, are trained in painting techniques, and have experience. They know which paint to choose based on lots of factors, do all the necessary preparation, and have the right tools. A professional exterior painting company also knows how to pick the right and highest quality paints for surfaces exposed to the elements.

The skills professional painters have can make choosing them (over doing it yourself) an easy decision. Having them complete painting projects can save you time, effort, money, and stress!

If you’re wondering how to choose a painting company, you’ve come to the right place. Snider’s Painting in Lakewood Ranch, FL does professional interior and exterior painting and is perfect for whatever job that you need done. Here’s why.

1. Final Product

Our final products speak for themselves. Our professional painting crews are highly skilled and get the job done well!

2. Communication

Not only will we get all of the details and information necessary before a project is started, but we will keep communicating with you during the project to make sure that it’s on the right track and that you’re satisfied for the whole duration of the project.

Danny believes communication is extremely important. In cases where the home or business owner needs to be out of town, Danny has even emailed photos of the work progress at the end of each day.

Excellent customer service comes naturally when you respect your customers. We pride ourselves on the relationships based on honesty, integrity and trust that we build with our customers.

3. No Surprises

Since we ensure excellent communication, you will be aware of everything that happens during the project’s life cycle. This means that even if something unforeseen crops up, there are no surprises. The price you pay will not fluctuate from the tax-included estimate you receive, unless you agree to additional services.

4. Great References

We may be a bit biased when we say that we’re the perfect choice for any job you have – so don’t just take our word for it! We’ve got plenty of great references so you can see that our claims are well-founded and credible. Call Snider’s Painting for a list of clients and references from our long list of satisfied Residential and Commercial customers in Sarasota, Bradenton, and the surrounding communities of Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Lakewood Ranch, and Palmer Ranch.

5. Bonded, Licensed and Insured

Snider’s Painting is Bonded, State Licensed and Fully Insured and we offer Expert Color Consultations! Licensed painters are bound to comply with state-specified quality standards. Being bonded means we’re bound by an agreement to cover any losses incurred by you if we don’t complete the job in accordance with our contractual specifications. Being insured means that we have active liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage. This means that you have peace of mind when hiring us, because you have plenty of reassurance that the project will be completed with absolutely no problems.

6. Respect for Your Property

We know how much your home or business mean to you so we carefully assess every job, choose the correct coatings, and treat your property and possessions with the care and respect they deserve.

We also take great care to protect trees, shrubs, and exterior fixtures, so the finished product exceeds your expectations and nothing gets damaged in the process.

w_37. Respect for Your Health

We care about the health of your employees and family. We only use non-toxic and environmentally friendly products and processes. This means that you can rest assured that the project that you hired us for will not only look great, but it will never cause any harm to you or your loved ones.

8. Respect for the Florida Environment

We respect and care about the fragile Florida environment. The paints that we select are safe for the environment even when disposed of without ever compromising on quality. Note: please contact us for paint disposal to ensure that it’s done right).

9. Accountability

We’re confident that we can accomplish your desired outcome and you can be sure that we take full accountability and will do everything in our power to get it done right. Danny Snider (owner) will personally inspect the entire job with the home or business owner at the end of each job.

10. Surface Preparation

snider_lwr_2013_web_5One of the most important qualities that sets us apart from other painting companies is the amount of attention that we pay to Surface Preparation. Exterior surfaces, for example, receive extensive preparation that includes pressure washing, sealing and caulking. These steps extend the life of the coating so your paint job lasts.

Surfaces that are about to be painted need to be prepared correctly, and how they need to be prepared depends on the surface. Because we are experts at both interior and exterior painting, we know exactly how to prep different types of surfaces for the best possible result every time.

With almost 20 years of experience working in the painting industry, owner Danny Snider has learned that the success and longevity of any paint job is directly related to the preparation of the surface before you apply a single drop of paint.

Hire Snider’s Painting for all of your Painting Project Needs!

Snider’s Painting provides you with excellent interior and exterior painting services. Skip the stress and choose our professional painting company to get your job done right! Call us today at 941-580-7977.